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Genetic Testing and DNA Based Nutrition and Weight Management Program

Nutrigenomics Test Kit–Test your genes. Find out which foods work best for your genes  

My BioActify DNA Nutrition Plan–Over 900 recipes created based on your individual genes

Based On Science–Not a Diet but a sustainable nutrition lifestyle

 Lose about 2.5 times more weight with My BioActify Nutrition Plan

Uncover Your Ideal Nutrients Intake Based On Your Genes

BioActify Genomics testing will uncover a list of foods, minerals, vitamins and other nutrition profiles that work best for your genes

My BioActify DNA Nutrition Plan
Nutrigenomics, the future of nutrition
Genes influence which foods are healthy and which are unhealthy for us. Our genetic analysis allows you to find out what you should eat and what to avoid to live your best healthy life.
Nutrition DNA

Nutrigenomics Testing Kit

Genetic Weight Management Plan
Weight management program based on your genes
How we gain weight from food is influenced by certain genes.  Our genetic testing allows you to find out how you can efficiently lose weight and sustain it. Our focus is on your health and not on clothes size.
Test Your DNA - Uncover The Root Cause Of Your Health Issues
Get One on One Nutrition Plans Based On Your DNA Test Results

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