DNA Nutrition Wellness Test Kit


DNA nutrition wellness test Kit

This BioActify genetic test helps uncover foods that work best for your DNA and wellness

Over 50 genetic variations are analyzed and used to create a nutrition plan for you


Nutrigenomics and your nutrition health 

Nutrigenomics is the science of how nutrients and food interact with our genes and health. 

Simply—Your genes are the  reason one person can eat certain foods and not gain weight, while another person  will consume the same and gain weight.

50 Variants are analyzed relating to your:

Eating behavior

Metabolic Wellness Factors

Your Weight

Food Reactions

Nutritional Needs

Nutrition Wellness

Your Diet Match

Diet Guidelines

Buy our DNA nutrition tests and know the foods that work best for your DNA 



Benefits of testing your genes

It helps uncover

–  how foods you eat interact with your genes

–  what you are genetically predisposed to

–  exploration of the root cause of your health issue

–  a deep dive into your nutrition and health

Example: Carbs

For many people, taking Omega 3 significantly improves their cholesterol levels. For others, due to a variation in the APOA1 gene, Omega 3 doesn’t improve their cholesterol level and might even worsen it. Without knowing which gene variant you carry, you might not be getting the needed micronutrients from foods or supplements you consume.

Genes we test and Analyze 

Analysis of more than 50 genetic variations

Impact on more than 20 metabolic problems

Evaluation of over 900 food types based on your genes

Identify your individual needs for over 45 food ingredients

Personalized micronutrient recipe for over 18 vitamins and minerals

Evaluation of unhealthy food ingredients

Find Your Genetic Risk Level by Nutrients

Minimize emotional stress and economic burden of not knowing what’s making you sick or what will make you sick if you keep eating it.

DNA Diet: genetically personalized nutrition and weight management plan

The Bioactify DNA nutrition  analysis allows you to easily lose weight, with absolute flexibility.

– This is not a diet plan but your own personalized nutrition plan based on our 900 plus recipes with foods that you probably already like.

 We Use genetic Analysis From Your Genetic Test To Improve Your Diet

–  Your genes influence how your body responds to certain nutrients and food ingredients. And, also affect which nutrients your body can properly metabolize.

–  Since your diet plays a decisive role for your health and weight, we can recommend a suitable nutrition plan for you based on your unique genes to improve your health and weight.

–   This plan will increase your chances of sustaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

*Order is shipped 3 – 5 business days after order is placed

**shipping takes 3 to 5 business days depending on your location

***Results are available 6 – 8 weeks after your sample is received .


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