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What is nutrigenomics

Simply—Nutrigenomics describes the genetic reason one person can eat certain foods and not gain weight, while another person  will consume the same and gain weight.

You are 2.44 times more likely to lose weight with BioActify nutrigenomics.

Nutrigenomics is an advanced area of medicine that helps determine how adjusting our diet according to genetic data, can improve our health and weight.

Genes are the blueprint of our body, and obesity is 80% influenced by our genes. Meaning, genetically some people are predisposed to gaining excess weight.   Each person carries some sort of genes mutations. Due to mutations in certain genes, some people may gain weight easily by absorbing too much fat, while others will have twice as much fat in their diet and still absorb only the necessary amount.

Everyone is different, so it is important to find out where the genetic weaknesses are, and how to use genetic strengths to lead a healthy, long life.

By analyzing over 50 genetic variations, we compile a wealth of information about your inborn genetic strengths and weaknesses and apply those to improve your nutrition, fitness and overall health.

Nutritional choices impact health and disease
Example of how the foods we eat affect us differently due to our genes

Carbohydrates: some people gain weight from eating carbs while others are completely unaffected by the amount of sugar in carbs.

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