Regular meal plan



After WL

week 1

After WL

week 2



BreakfastBun with poppy seeds97 g114g129g143g
Butter8 g10g11g12g
Multi-fruit nectar424ml500ml562ml625ml
Water and mineral water500ml500ml500ml500ml
Snack – Selection from snack list
LunchRoast chicken, skinless182g214g241g268 g
Cream dressing24ml29ml32ml36ml
Parmesan39 g46 g51g57 g
Cabbage lettuce61g71g80 g89 g
Romaine lettuce61g71g80 g89 g
Water and mineral water500ml500ml500ml500ml
Snack – Selection from snack list
DinnerWheat pasta with spinach, egg-free85 g100 g112g125g
Tomato sauce with tomato paste73ml86ml96ml107ml
Cabbage or lettuce61g71g80 g89 g
Cucumber61g71g80 g89 g
Radicchio61g71g80 g89 g
Water and mineral water500ml500ml500ml500ml

How does it work?

Our daily menus consist of variations of foods that you can eat everyday.

For weight loss:

Start the weight loss process by following instructions and choosing the meals recommended for you.

By  following the recommended guidelines,  you’ll absorb the right amount of fat,

carbohydrates and protein, to optimize your weight loss.

The foods have been carefully selected and combined based on their ingredients to give the optimal effect based on your genetic profile.

– Once you reach your desired weight

This part is designed to help your body adjust to your new weight.

Follow the guideline to prevent falling into the yoyo effect trap.

For weight maintenance:

If you are at your ideal weight and just want to eat healthier, this section is for you.

Simply follow the recommendation to keep your weight constant in the long run.

And, to improve your health.



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