The Formula For Getting Results For Your Nutrition And Health Is In Your Genes.

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BioActify Nutrigenomics

Nutrigenomics is an advanced area of medicine that helps determine how adjusting our diet according to genetic data, can improve our health and weight.

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Benefits in Genetic Testing

Knowing your genetic predispositions to diseases allows you to adjust your lifestyle to prevent the development of diseases or get early medical help.

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Your Genes And Your Weight

We inherit obesity through gene mutations. And, genetic component of fat mass seems to be between 20% and 90%.

Bioactify DNAnutrition Program

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This is not another diet plan 

It’s a proven science based effective nutrition plan

Eat foods You Already Like. Lose 2.4 times more weight.

Based on your genetic profile, our scientists create a metabolic profile and a customized DNAnutrition plan for you.

BioActify DNAnutrition is your own personalized nutrition plan based on your DNA test results. The plan contains over 900  recipes with foods that you probably already eat.

Our recipes support all types of nutrition restrictions – from paleo to vegan and more.
Why use your genes to improve your diet?

-Your genes influence how your body responds to certain nutrients and food ingredients. And, also affect which nutrients your body can properly metabolize.

– Since your diet plays a decisive role for your health and weight, we can recommend a suitable nutrition plan for you based on your unique genes to improve your health and weight

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DNA Nutrition Recipe Book

Whether you want to maintain your weight or lose weight, the BioActify DNA nutrition Recipe book makes it easier.

View your metabolic profile and select the recipes recommended for you by our scientist to help you maintain or lose weight.

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