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You are 2.44 times more likely to lose weight with BioActify DNA Nutrition plan

Whether you want to maintain your weight or lose weight, the BioActify DNA nutrition Recipe book makes it easier.

Eat What You Like. Over 900 recipes to meet you diet restriction needs.

Based on your genetic analysis, our scientists will create a metabolic profile and a customized DNA nutrition plan for you. From Paleo, vegan, gluten free to keto and more.


This isn’t a diet. It’s a Scientifically Proven Nutrition Plan That’s Based On Your Genes


This is personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan, unique to your genes.

The BioActify DNA nutrition  plan is flexible and allows you to easily maintain or lose weight.

BioActify DNA nutrition is your own personalized nutrition plan based on your DNA test results.

The plan contains over 900  recipes with foods that you probably already eat.

Why use your genes to improve your diet?

Your genes influence how your body responds to certain nutrients and food ingredients.

And, also affect which nutrients your body can properly metabolize.

Since your diet plays a decisive role for your health and weight,

we can recommend a suitable nutrition plan for you based on your unique genes to improve your health and weight.

Which foods are right for you? 


Thanks to advanced science in human genetics, your genetic profile shows the foods you should avoid,

and those you should eat to help you be healthier


In our analysis of foods or food ingredients that are healthy for your consumption, we look at the bigger picture.

For example, one nutrient can be beneficial for one health factor but harmful for another due to genetic mutations.

Based on the data from all relevant gene analyses and your results,

we will be able to evaluate your individual risks and determine whether a particular food is healthy or unhealthy for you.

If a particular weakness is identified in your analysis, your nutritional plan is adjusted to exclude all dietary ingredients that are unhealthy for you.

We then help you increase what’s healthy for you.

This plan will increase your chances of sustaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Eat what you like!

BioActify Recipes contain over 900 foods tailored to your genes.

Your profile will be presented with foods you can eat without problems, and what you should rather avoid.

This way,  you can eat what you like!

Whether you want to maintain your weight or lose weight, BioActify DNAnutrition makes it easier.

*Important: a doctor must be consulted if your BMI is bigger than 30.

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