About BioActify

Esther Cashbaugh


Dr of Health Science and researcher
Clinical Nutrition Studies

Welcome, I am Esther the founder of BioActify.

Nutrition is my passion and I created Bioatify to help you reach your nutritional goals through targeted coaching. My passion for nutrition started at the age of 4 years old. Over the years, Ive created healthy recipes and educational programs in nutrition to help individuals live healthier lives. As a doctoral student focusing on clinical nutrition and nutrigenomics, I created Bioactify in collaboration with a team of experts to help individuals know and understand what’s in their , and be able to use that information as a guide to better nutrition and health.

BioActify Health comprises a multidisciplinary group dedicated to bringing you important knowledge about your genetics and nutritional considerations to help you live a healthier longer and higher quality life.  Through Genomics tests, we create individualized nutrition and health plans that work for your genes. 

Through these scientific connections and our expertise, we are able to see and understand how specific symptoms or issues are not isolated, but part of connected systems within our bodies. With this knowledge, BioActify’s nutritionists and nutrigenomics specialists, guides our clients and place them on a path to better health and sustainable results. 

At BioActify, we believe health should be a habit and not a diet plan. Your Healthy habit starts Here. Click to get started

There are a lot of genetic tests out there which are not adequate in finding markers that can truly make a difference. At Bioactify, your health is our priority. This sets us apart from our competitors.  We use advanced technology to sift through massive amounts of information, to help you gain and sustain a healthier life.  

Our Dedication To Helping You Live A Healthier Life
Testing your genes is only a part of the story. Your genetics only state potential good, concerns and benefits. The real key is how your genes are expressing themselves. This is where your uniqueness comes into play and the focus of our individualized nutrition plans.
Collaborative Network Of Health and Other Professionals
It takes collaborative efforts by dedicated health professionals to help you live a healthier life. BioActify network consists of experts in genome and biotechnology, nutritionists, functional, integrative and naturopathic medicine, MDs and other health professionals.
BioActify is secured And Protects Your Privacy 100%
At Bioactify, your privacy and security are very important to us. Your data is secured and 100% protected. Other genetic companies sell your information without your consent. Helping you is our priority and we will never sell or share your information without your consent.

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